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Fabric wrapped tins

Mairuru (blog link right hand side column) gave me the idea to make cards for all of my fabrics. I was reading through her fab blog and she wrote how she catalogued all of her fabrics cutting pieces of each and gluing them to cards. She then put them into colours. It's a great way to remember what you have when creating and you can use then to see which combinations work. I have accumulated so many fabrics and offcuts I often can't remember what's there and end up pulling the same ones. I started cutting up my fabrics (small rectangles 5x6cm) and gluing them to cards, I'm a little more than half way through. It takes a while! Whilst I was doing this I started thinking about where and how I would store these. Then it hit me why not make covers for empty Twinings tea leaf tins, they are perfect! So this the first (and only) one I did. I thought I will make the covers in each colour, so this is for my pinks. I really love it! More images on flickr
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